Okay, another 8 days have passed. Prepare yourself!

#17 There's something about writing that makes me... calm. Although I barely write any short stories anymore, I still keep that passion close to my heart.
#18 My four favorite tv-shows are One Tree Hill, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy.

#19 I love studs (haha the accessories you put on clothes).

#20 I really like going to school, actually.

#21 I completely love doing double chins on photos, haha.

#22 I have two pairs of Doc Martens.

#23 When autumn comes I never have any inspiration for photography. Don't get me wrong, I love the autumn but there's something about those few months that gets me really "uninspired".

#24 I don't really like summer. It's often too hot (well, not this summer at least haha) and I don't like warm weather. I like spring, autumn and parts of the winter! Not really the summer.


Okay, 8 days have passed, so here we go again. 

#9 Dying my hair is like therapy to me. I do it every other week, or every second.

#10 I'm obsessed with straws, and I need them colorfuuuuul!

#11 The death of young people often gets to me. Like really deep. (And now I don't mean the kids in Africa for example, of course that's tragic - but it's too massive to take in)

#12 I love to argue and I'm pretty good at it.

#13 I'm probably going to end up as a concert photographer, but when (or if) I get bored of it I'll maybe be a cop, but that's just a thought.

#14 Most people don't know I used to be such a horse girl, I was at the stable 6 times each week, basically all the time, haha.

#15 When I got the phone I had before the one I have right now, I stepped on it only two days later so the screen cracked.
#16 I can't stand when people look down on themselves.

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Got the inspiration from my dear, very best friend My. I'll do it every 8th day, or at least try! Okay.. here we go (I'll try to keep doing them in English, and I promise to also come up with better confessions 'til next time). 

#1 Most often I can't see when a situation gets "awkward". Which is good, well in the most cases, not always.
#2 I'm 180,3cm tall, to be exact.
#3 I've been abroad 3 times in one year, counting from this day last year.
#4 I used to be a makeup maniac, but now I barely use any makeup anymore. 
#5 I work out almost every day nowadays (except this weekend, when I visited My).
#6 I'm obsessed with tv shows. I have several favorites. But I'll tell you about them next confession part.
#7 I have pretty good self confidince, in most situations.
#8 I don't think Cola/Pepsi tastes very good.
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