Okay, 8 days have passed, so here we go again. 

#9 Dying my hair is like therapy to me. I do it every other week, or every second.

#10 I'm obsessed with straws, and I need them colorfuuuuul!

#11 The death of young people often gets to me. Like really deep. (And now I don't mean the kids in Africa for example, of course that's tragic - but it's too massive to take in)

#12 I love to argue and I'm pretty good at it.

#13 I'm probably going to end up as a concert photographer, but when (or if) I get bored of it I'll maybe be a cop, but that's just a thought.

#14 Most people don't know I used to be such a horse girl, I was at the stable 6 times each week, basically all the time, haha.

#15 When I got the phone I had before the one I have right now, I stepped on it only two days later so the screen cracked.
#16 I can't stand when people look down on themselves.

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