The last few days has been chaotic but amazing. The plan yesterday was to go to a friend's house with two other friends, due to my brother's surgery I wasn't allowed to go there to spend the night. I decided to stay home the whole evening but then a friend of our family called me and asked if I wanted to go with him to an event called "Released and unsigned live" or something. He owns one of the sites which arranged the whole event. It was really fun and I finally got to practice more live photography. And I got to join an interview with a band "behind the scenes", but I got to see how and interview really works etc. Overall - a really good and unexpected evening. 

Some different bands during the evening.

Postat av: nathalie

hej där :)

har du några bra julklapps tips ?

kram :)

2012-11-26 @ 23:13:12

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