Okay, another 8 days have passed. Prepare yourself!

#17 There's something about writing that makes me... calm. Although I barely write any short stories anymore, I still keep that passion close to my heart.
#18 My four favorite tv-shows are One Tree Hill, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy.

#19 I love studs (haha the accessories you put on clothes).

#20 I really like going to school, actually.

#21 I completely love doing double chins on photos, haha.

#22 I have two pairs of Doc Martens.

#23 When autumn comes I never have any inspiration for photography. Don't get me wrong, I love the autumn but there's something about those few months that gets me really "uninspired".

#24 I don't really like summer. It's often too hot (well, not this summer at least haha) and I don't like warm weather. I like spring, autumn and parts of the winter! Not really the summer.

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